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Boosting the development of impoverished communities through sustainable supply chains
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Increased globalization and outsourcing to developing countries is fostering the interest in supply chain sustainability. The research on this field has a long path behind, nonetheless, most studies to date are focused on the environmental dimension of sustainability, while the social perspective in supply chain research still shows a potential for pioneering contributions. Moreover, from the international development standpoint we have observed a paradigm shift advancing from a narrow concept of development, centred on purely economic dimensions, towards more refined issues highly related to supply chain activities. A new field of research is emerging at the interface between these two areas to propose innovative poverty alleviation strategies based on the incorporation of the poor to the markets through sustainable supply chains. The objective of this study is to explore the hypothesis that impoverished communities from developing countries who work as primary producers can be effectively incorporated into sustainable supply chains in fair trading conditions. This paper makes two contributions. First, from a comprehensive literature review of social sustainability of supply chains, a pattern of analytical constructs is identified. These constructs are: measurement of social impacts, supply chain governance and innovative business approaches. Second, three case studies ? in Senegal, Ethiopia, Tanzania ? are analysed to further understanding the main supply chain issues that are significant to the inclusion of impoverished communities into the market. These cases illustrate the constructs and give response to the demand for more research addressing developing countries challenges from the sustainable supply chain field.
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International Sustainable Development Research Conference ISDRC 2013
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Stellenbosch, South Africa
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  • Autor: Maria Inmaculada Borrella Alonso de la Torre (UPM)
  • Autor: Ruth Carrasco Gallego (UPM)
  • Autor: Carlos Mataix Aldeanueva (UPM)
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