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Structural damage of RC bridge decks under fatigue loading
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  • Ingeniería civil y arquitectura
Mechanical models to analyze the behavior of civil engineering structures are becoming more and more detailed in order to provide a realistic description of the structural response, thereby needing a wide set of reliable input data. Because of the usually complex nature of material or structural phenomena, numerical models need to be verified by comparing their capabilities with the real structural performance. Accordingly, many civil structures are monitored to detect structural damage and to provide updated data to be introduced in numerical models. Health monitoring techniques to identify structural damage usually rely on the change of dynamic properties through so-called experimental modal analysis. Regarding concrete structures, cracking is the most usual damaging process that affects the structural state but cracking may be due to different sources. Existing works dealing with dynamic identification of structural concrete damage have typically focused on the progressive decrease of natural frequencies under gradually increasing loads. In the present contribution, the attention is paid to the effect of high-cycle fatigue loading. An experimental campaign on elements reproducing the top slab of concrete girders has been carried out, including specimens subjected to fatigue loading and a reference static test. Impact excitation dynamic tests were carried out at different stages to identify natural frequencies, modal shapes and damping ratios. The techniques involved to identify dynamic properties were within the field of output-only models, which are only based on the structural response to an external excitation that is not measured. The evolution of dynamic properties has been correlated with damage development with emphasis on the stages of the fatigue process: formation of cracks, cyclic reduction of tension stiffening and brittle fracture of the reinforcement.
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IInd International Congress on Mechanical models in structural engineering
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Proceedings of the IInd International Congress on Mechanical models in structural engineering
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  • Autor: Luis Albajar Molera (UPM)
  • Autor: Juan Manuel Gallego Martin (UPM)
  • Autor: Pablo de la Fuente Martin (UPM)
  • Autor: Carlos Zanuy Sanchez (UPM)
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