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Noise pollution in mining operations: Prediction of noise impact on environment caused by mining machinery
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  • Industria minera
Mining operations are, by their nature, potential sources of environmental impacts. Before starting the development of the mine is mandatory to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment containing all the changes in the environment and its proper removal, minimization or management, in the case that cannot be removed. One of the impacts that may occur is the increase of noise pollution in the surrounding areas to mining. There are several sources of noise such as processing plant, blasting and machinery, among others. This paper develops a methodology to predict noise impact of mining operations, collecting existent standards, guidelines and technical procedures with the objective of estimate the maximum level of noise and the range of that impact outwards mining activities, focusing in how machinery contributes to noise pollution. Numerous environmental factors determine the level of sound in a particular point of reception. These factors include: the distance from the sound source to the receiver; surrounding terrain, ambient sound level, time of day, wind direction, temperature gradient and humidity, among others. The characteristics of machinery sound are also important factors to consider when impact assessment is developed in the stage of seeking noise generating points. This paper shows a review of usual machinery used in mining remarking which machinery causes more impact on the environment. Also it is consider noise impact produced depends on mine planning and operational phase carried out. Paper follows the structure of Environmental Impact Assessment approaching and identifies sources of impact; predict the maximum impact and propose mitigation measures. Once the generating sources of impact have been identified, the values perceived in sensitive areas under study should be established. To do this the attenuation models sound propagation outdoors should be taken into account. The methodology described could be useful to predict noise impact of ongoing projects or planned ones.
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14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation
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Albena, Bulgaria
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14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation
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  • Autor: Jorge Castilla Gomez (UPM)
  • Autor: Juan Herrera Herbert (UPM)
  • Autor: Qinglong Zhou (Institute of Mining Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology)
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