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Evaluation of damping properties of structural glass panes under impact loading

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Glass elements are more and more often required for building construction, where laminated glass offers some improved safety properties in terms of damage prevention upon breakage of glass elements. Due to the polymeric interlayer used to construct laminated glass, better damping properties are expected when compared with monolithic elements. This generates an increase of the absorption of energy when an impact breakage is produced in the glass component, so less damage and injury risk could occur upon breakage of laminated glass elements. Experimental tests support this work with a comparison of the impact behaviour between monolithic and laminated glass, which was carried out attending to their damping properties. These tests were arranged following the European Standard UNE-EN 12600:2003, which is intended to classify flat glass elements used in buildings under impact and by mode of breakage. This paper describes a finite element simulation of laminated and monolithic glass plates under dynamic loading and its experimental validation. The experimental programme was carried out using 1938 mm x 876 mm samples of 10 mm thickness monolithic glass and samples with the same dimensions of laminated glass differing on the number of PVB layers contained. Although the test equipment used consists of the main frame, the clamping frame and the impact pendulum, following the EU standard requirements, several innovations have been made providing more versatility and accuracy to the test campaign. Polymeric interlayers could modify the damping properties, alterations than will be studied by using operational modal analysis in free-free conditions and located in the clamping frame for each glass. The dynamic response and the operational deflection shape of the plates during the impact tests are also analyzed by means of several impact acceleration sensors attached to the glass plate at different points.
COST Action Mid-term Structural Glass
Porec, Croacia
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COST Action TU0905,Mid-term Conference on Structural Glass, Edit. J. Belis, C. Louter, D. Mocibib

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