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Optimization of high performance concretes: from the materials constituents to construction process. Rheology of ternary cement systems

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Based on the experience of host the research groups in the universities and the candidate experience, the proposal is focused on tailor made concretes with verification of performance, considering composition, mechanical properties, durability and sustainability. Properties shall be formulated in such a way that the derivation of behavioral models and design recommendations for practical applications will be achieved. Important aspects are: - Influence of supplementary materials on concrete properties. Use of different reactive additions and admixtures for improving the Interfatial Transition Zone of matrices, from nano and micro scale, to macro scale. - Environmental and sustainability aspects of concrete. - Performance based specifications for concrete (fiber reinforced concrete, ultrahigh performance concrete). The specific objective to be analyzed within this proposal will be the type of cement and dosage. Typical portland cements depending on their alkaline content will vary the internal pore solution, while the portlandite and CSH distribution will be less affected. The same will happen for binders in which various proportions of portland cement are replaced by supplementary cementitious materials. This could be the case of CEM X binders where pore fluid pH, solid microstructure and ITZ can be significantly altered. In addition these changes can influence in the rheology and volume stability of the material and induced autogenous shrinkage in the cement paste and concretes. This work has been initiated in the frame of the National Founded Research Project BIA 2011 "Implementation of Corrosion Protection Methodologies for Service Life extension of reinforced Concrete Structures".
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  • Creador: Departamento: Mecánica Estructural y Construcciones Industriales