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Gender, Climate Change and Energy Access in Developing Countries: State of the Art
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  • Cambio climático,
  • Ingenierías
Nowadays 1.4 billion people (20% of the global population) lack access to electricity and 2.7 billion people (40% of the global population) rely on biomass for cooking. In case these populations have access to electricity and modern cooking systems a great impact on global greenhouse gas emissions will be produced. The associated effect on climate change will depend on energy sources used. Moreover, if gender issues are well considered, this access can support women?s development, as household energy managers. The relationship between gender issues, climate change and energy access is a problem of huge dimensions, even if we just focus on any of the dyads. There are several approaches to analyse these relationships varying between developed and developing countries. Therefore, this paper contains a literature review as part of the work within the GenderSTE Cost Action. The main results are: - Previous work on gender and climate change focused on the specific vulnerability of women to climate change impacts. Consequently, related work was mainly centered on adaptation, where relationship with energy access is not so clear. - Linkages between gender, energy access and climate change were identified. However, no much research on these linkages was obtained and information was disaggregated by topic. - Some research gaps have been established. - More scientific evidence and disaggregated data on gender and climate change is needed for taking better international decisions. Special attention should be applied to the progress, failures and successes of national policies and local mitigation or adaptation strategies.
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Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference 2014
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Royal Geographical Society, London
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