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Water and agriculture
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  • Agricultura,
  • Economía agraria
The Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC) as a whole is increasingly becoming a major source of agricultural commodities for the world market and thus influencing food security. As such, improving resource management in the region promises to have important benefits for both the inhabitants of LAC and the world. Agriculture is essential to food security. However, food production requires substantial amounts of water, both stored in the soil as soil moisture from rain (green water) and as water for irrigation (blue water). FAO (2012b) estimated an annual blue water use in LAC of 262,800hm3/yr. Globally, agriculture is the sector with the largest water withdrawal by far, with about 70%. This percentage compares to 73%, (192,700hm3/yr) in LAC, whereas 19% and 9% correspond to the domestic and industrial sectors respectively (ibid.). The Guyana sub-region (Guyana and Suriname) and Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) have the highest level of agricultural water use, with values of 96% and 91% respectively (ibid.). Agriculture is also central to economic growth in LAC. For the period 2000?2007, it contributed an average of 9.6% to its GDP and exports of agricultural commodities accounted for 44% of total export value in 2007 (Bovarnick et al., 2010). Notably the agricultural sector provides employment for about 9% of LAC?s population (UNEP, 2013).
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Water for Food and Wellbeing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Social and Environmental Implications for a Globalized Economy
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