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The NUSHARE project (NUclear culture SHARing amongst the EU Member States) originated as a Euratom education and training (E&T) initiative proposed by Commissioner Mrs Maire Geoghegan Quinn after the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011. This initiative is in collaboration with DG ENER and DG JRC as well as DG EAC. It is a "Support action" of 4 years, launched under the modified Euratom work programme 2012 (adopted on 25 June 2012) through a "grant to named beneficiary", the ENEN Association and expected to start early 2013. 
The objective of NUSHARE is to develop and implement training and informing activities with the aim to share and grow, across EU Member States, the safety culture in nuclear installations. Security aspects (in particular, proliferation resistance and physical protection) will also be treated. 
The impacts will be mainly directed in two areas: 
1. Further strengthening of nuclear safety, in particular with regard to the understanding, management and mitigation of severe accidents, including crisis communication; 
2. Dissemination of a common nuclear safety culture of very high level throughout Europe, with particular emphasis on the human element under extreme events. 
To achieve the main objective of the project, and to ensure its long term impact on a safe and secure application of nuclear energy in the EU member states, a timely, broad, result driven and quality focused approach is proposed. All EU Member States with nuclear installations on their territory, for power generation or for medical purposes, shall be involved. 
Three Target Groups (TG) of citizens at higher education level are targeted in the project: 
TG1 Policy and decision makers at the level of governments, emergency management teams, including international organizations; 
TG2 Staff of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities and Technical Safety Organisations; 
TG3 3.Managers and operators in the nuclear industry, system suppliers and energy providers. 

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  • Director: Emilio Minguez Torres (UPM)
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