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Research Project:
Soft computing, visualization and multimodal interaction for complex systems and data

Research Areas
  • Information technology and adata processing

The scientific and technological progress that is continuously taking place allows the constant development of new methods, equipment and systems, as well as to approach problems that were considered intractable until a short time before. In consequence, new application areas are constantly appearing, supplying data that up to then was not available. Together with this, the spectacular development of systems for data acquisition, processing and display, floods the scientific community with an amount and a wealth of information that is often difficult to digest, especially in those cases in which the complexity of the system is very high. The present project ?SCOVIMI? (Soft Computing, visualization and multimodal interaction for data and complex systems) aims to develop appropriate methods for the analysis, study, interpretation and assimilation of information from complex systems or environments. For this, several independent but complementary lines of work are envisaged: The development of techniques for the preprocessing and gathering of multivariate, multidimensional and multimodal data. The development of processing techniques, hierarchies of abstraction levels, extraction of knowledge and representation of this kind of data. The development of visualization and interaction methods for complex data using virtual reality techniques, which are specifically adapted to human perception features and to the procedures to be implemented within the objectives mentioned above. The aim of the project is therefore to conduct the research in these lines of work, in order to achieve results that represent a significant advance in the ability of users to analyze complex systems. The project covers diverse areas of application: Health Sciences: Treatment of multiscale anatomical information, with specific application to the field of the experimental neuroscience. Treatment of information produced in the environment of systems biology, with a double application, both clinical (oncology) and as support to experimental studies Industrial application. Visualization of information in complex industrial plants, for the operation of large, remote facilities. Experts from these areas of application will be involved within the project, in some cases as members of the project?s research team. This involvement, along with the close alignement of this project with the lines of investigation previously described (in particular, data processing/mining and visualization), will be decisive when it comes to achieving the proposed goals.
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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
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  • Creador: Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Centro de tecnología Biomédica CTB
  • Departamento: Arquitectura y Tecnología de Sistemas Informáticos
  • Departamento: Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos e Ingeniería de Software