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MASLOWATEN: MArket uptake of an innovative irrigation Solution based on LOW WATer-ENergy consumption

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The world of irrigation requires innovative solutions, less water and energy dependant. UPM developed in 2013 solutions for large power photovoltaic (PV) pumping systems at TRL5 that was successfully tested in a real Irrigators Community (IC) of Alto Vinalopó (Spain). The results showed great technical reliability (solving the problem of the variability of solar energy), matching the IC irrigation needs just with the solar electricity (thanks to sun-tracking systems) and reducing dramatically the cost of energy (60% regarding the conventional grid consumption) In parallel, ELAIA has integrated systems with, in one hand, automatisms and ICT solutions that reduce the water consumption (30%) detecting in real-time the actual needs of the specific crop in a certain moment, and in the other hand, low pressure systems that reduce the energy needs This project proposes activities to integrate both developments at a TRL9 for the first application and market replication of a new green product at TRL9 consisting of PV pumping systems for productive agriculture irrigation consuming zero conventional electricity and 30% less water Main objectives: 1 To show the technical and economical viability of efficient and intermittency-free large scale PV pumping systems for irrigation allowing 100% renewable energy consumption 2 To reduce the water consumption, using Automatisms and ICT and Precision Agriculture-based solutions 3 Market uptake and market replication of a new green product for irrigation at TRL9 consuming 100% renewable electricity and 30% less water The expected impact is, first, the market penetration of this innovative solution through five real scale first market systems (in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Morocco) and other technical, economical and diseemination actions for the market uptake. And second, the generation of a real market of 6GW of large-scale systems meaning a real business of 9000M?. MASLOWATEN is the initiative of an AG of EIP Water (PVAIZEC)
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