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The effect of income level on e-commerce adoption: A multigroup analysis

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  • Behavioural sciences

In the past years, profiles of the average e-shopper have gradually changed as Internet expanded and new segments of consumers have started using electronic commerce. Socio-demographic characteristics of online shoppers are more heterogeneous: while a few years ago the average e-shopper was a middle-aged male with high income and high educational level, it is difficult to define such a precise average profile nowadays. As a consequence of this, there is renewed interest in the study of demographic variables for segmentation, such as gender and age. However, despite this interest, other socio-demographic segmentation variables have been left apart. One of the most noteworthy omissions in this regard is the study of the effect of income level in the adoption of electronic commerce, a topic where the scarcity of research is alarming. This research investigates and explores the influence of income level in e-shopping behavior. In order to explore how e-shoppers? income level might affect e-commerce adoption?or, more precisely, how it moderates variables influencing e-commerce acceptance?the research proposes a model based on UTAUT2 that includes seven antecedent variables influencing purchase intention and purchasing behavior in e-commerce. The study also presents an empirical study to validate this model.
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Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development, Implementation, and Management
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