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Efficient MoM Analysis of Multilayered Periodic Arrays of Stacked Rectangular Patches. Application in the Design of Reflectarray Antennas

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When reflectarray antennas made of cells with stacked rectangular patches are designed under the local periodicity assumption, one needs to solve many times the problem of the scattering of plane waves by periodic arrays of stacked rectangular patches in multilayered substrates. Although this problem has been usually tackled by means of the Method of Moments (MoM) in the spectral domain, this is not an efficient computational approach since it requires the determination of slowly convergent double infinite summations. In this paper, the slowly convergent summations are transformed into singular finite double integrals by invoking the Mixed Potential Integral Equation (MPIE) formulation of the MoM in the spatial domain. The multilayered periodic Green?s functions involved in these double integrals are judiciously interpolated in terms of 2-D Chebyshev polynomials. Also, Ma-Rokhlin-Wandzura quadrature rules are used to handle the logarithmic singularities of the double integrals. Thanks to these two strategies that help to save CPU time, the novel MoM approach in the spatial domain turns out to be between one and two orders of magnitude faster than the standard MoM approach in the spectral domain for the analysis of periodic structures made of cells with stacked rectangular patches (and therefore, for the design of the reflectarray antennas containing these cells) when an accuracy of two significant figures is required.
VIII LEMA-EPFL Workshop on Integral Techniques for Electromagnetics
Lausanne (Switzerland)
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