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Analysis of geological-geothecnical risks due to groundwater exploitation using space and terrestrial techniques: Lorca area (Spain) test case

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Main aims of the AQUARISK research project are to provide new products and services for the analysis, management and mitigation of the geological-geotechnical risks associated with the exploitation of aquifers in urban areas and their surroundings. For this purpose multisensor (ERS & ENVISAT, ALOS PALSAR, Sentinel, PAZ) satellite Advanced DInSAR and GNSS data fusion will be performed to determine the 3D deformation field of a large tectonically active sector of the southeast Spain (regional scale) as well also of the detailed 3D deformation field related to local areas of interest. This analysis will permit to detect the temporal evolution of subsidence in those hydrographic basins that suffer the greatest exploitation (e.g. Lorca area at Guadalentin-Segura River Basin). In this area, new in situ monitoring systems will be developed and implemented to carry out a real time monitoring of the temporal evolution of ground water level and the aquifer deformation in depth. These terrestrial measurement data will be integrated with the remote sensing EO data to determine the 4D deformation field, and to define future climate change based scenarios of the aquifer system response. All this effort will allow to develop, calibrate and validate advanced numerical geomechanical models that will simulate the past-present-future aquifer system response, and to analyze the impact of subsidence on urban structures and infrastructures. In this framework, AQUARISK will perform researches and developments on new services & products based on EO multi-sensor satellites data in conjunction with in-situ data; and will promotes the exploitation of EO and in situ data to monitor, model and predict subsidence due to aquifers exploitation in different climatic change scenarios. Here we present i) a summary of some scientific results already obtained and ii) the researches that will be carried out in the near future accordingly to the time scheduling of AQUARISK project.
2015 Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical Union, the Canadian Geophysical Union, the Geological Association of Canada, and the Mineralogical Association of Canada
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JOINT ASSEMBLY Montreal, Canada 3-7 May 2015 AGU-GAC-MAC-CGU
  • Autor: Juan Francisco Prieto Morin UPM
  • Autor: Jose Fernández IGEO CSIC
  • Autor: Jose Antonio Fernández IGME
  • Autor: Antonio G. Camacho IGME
  • Autor: Gerardo Herrera IGME
  • Autor: Mimmo Palano INGV Italia

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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Geovisualización, Espacios Singulares y Patrimonio
  • Departamento: Ingeniería Topográfica y Cartografía