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Rock-to-Sensor Transmissibility of Vibrations-Part 2
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In 2014 the authors show results from 13 tests made with two blasting seismographs on a vibration exciter. They measured coupling transmissibility as function of frequency (i.e. ratio of the velocity of the sensor mount to the velocity of the ground motion) from 16 to 200 Hz at one or two vibrations levels (5 mm/s or 0.2 in/s, and 20 mm/s or 0.79 in/s 5 and 20 mm/s) with freely placed, sandbagged, and anchored mounts to a granite slab firmly attached to the plate of a vibration exciter. As the memory capacity of one of the seismographs prevent to cover low frequencies, e.g. 4-16 Hz, a new series of 14 trials have been recently made to extend the study down to 2 Hz. Two more techniques, in which the sensor mounts were fixed with thermal adhesive or a combination of duct tape and gypsum plaster, have been also investigated in four more trials from 2 to 200 Hz at 5 and 20 mm/s. Free and sandbagged mounts lead to a weak coupling of the mounts to rock, so that transmissibility depends on the characteristics of the imposed rock motion (peak velocity and frequency). Measurements are only reliable at very low frequencies (<10-20 Hz) and outside this range of frequencies, ground motion in the measurement can be modified by a factor 0.16 to 1.22. Anchored, glued and plastered mounts achieve a stiff rock-to-ground coupling ensuring consistent measurements for the frequencies commonly found in blasting independently of the vibration level and the mount characteristics.
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41st Annual Conference on Explosives & Blasting Technique
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Nueva Orleans, EEUU
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Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique
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  • Autor: Pablo Segarra Catasus (UPM)
  • Autor: Jose Angel Sanchidrian Blanco (UPM)
  • Autor: Iván del Castillo (Vibraquipo)
  • Autor: Ricardo Castedo Ruiz (UPM)
  • Autor: Lina Maria Lopez Sanchez (UPM)
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