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Iniciativas institucionales y asociativas destinadas a la integración sociocultral a través del deporte en París y Madrid

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  • Humanities,
  • Physical education and sport,
  • Sociology

Institutional and associate programs orientated to the social cultural integration though sport in Madrid and Paris. Sport as a social and cultural phenomenon has been widely claimed by its integrative virtues. Whether competition or recreational, sport has been claimed for some integrative values that allow a rise in social status justified in part by the success of immigrant origin players in professional sports. On the other hand, associations, and especially those generated by the migrant community, also uses sports organization as a form of solidarity and identity recognition. The aim of the thesis is double: to understand the formulation of sports programs intended for sociocultural integration designed by political and associative entities in neighborhoods with greater presence of young immigrants and/or second generation of Paris and Madrid and to analyze the implementation of such initiatives. The method of data collection was to conduct 72 in-depth interviews to various levels of political responsibility and typology of social entities and documentary analysis of institutional and associative sources. The results show differences between the approach and implementation of initiatives conditioned by the integration model of each context ?an opposition of the republican model in Paris from ethnic sports? and the situation of economic crisis ?programs weakness due to budget cuts and subsidies in the Madrid?. The conclusions of this thesis aim to deepen the true contribution of sport to social and cultural integration of young immigrants, and by extension, to culturally plural societies.
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Estudios Sociales y Humanistas en Actividad Física y Deporte
  • Departamento: Ciencias Sociales de la Actividad Física, del Deporte y del Ocio