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Quick Planning Using ?S? Curves and Cost Based Durations
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  • Ingeniería civil y arquitectura
Miscalculated estimates of building work duration made during initial project stages often lead not only to construction cost overruns as such, but also affect implementation and therefore the entire balance of income and expenses and financial planning. This paper proposes a fully automated model for the quick estimation of the time required to finish a proposed building or civil work, using a work unit based cost estimate and including not only the total duration, but also the duration of each activity and its sequence. As is the case with existing parametric cost estimating systems based on averages and statistics, the result here as well is always a rough estimate, but enough to make decisions in the early project stages. Results are obtained with much less effort than that entailed by traditional detailed planning, which should be done, of course, eventually. Specifically, this method allows for analyzing the funding required to implement the project, and makes a very good approximation from the developer?s standpoint and somewhat less so from the construction company?s standpoint.
DOI 10.1007 / 978-3-319-12754-5
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Springer International Publishing
Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering
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Project Management and Engineering
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  • Autor: Rafael Eugenio Guadalupe Garcia (UPM)
  • Autor: Fernando Valderrama (Rib-España)
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