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Secondary Stakeholder Integration Capabilities in the Context of Sustainability Oriented Innovation
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Despite the recognized importance of sustainability for decades, managers yet question whether existing paths to it are sufficient. Consequently, more recently, innovation appeared as a persuasive means to enhance sustainability. Likewise in all innovations, for sustainability oriented innovations (SOI), the integration of broad and various stakeholders in the projects is essential but challenging. The literature extensively investigates businesses? capability in stakeholder integration for open innovation projects in five capability ?networking, competence mapping, relational, knowledge management and internal involvement. To examine stakeholder integration capability (SIC) in the context of innovations aimed particularly at sustainable development, starting from a conceptual framework of stakeholder integration capability based on open innovation literature, eight projects of sustainability-oriented innovation were taken as an empirical context for qualitative, multiple-case study. Results suggest stakeholder integration capability for sustainability-oriented innovations follow similar framework of open innovations with miscellaneous emphasize on proposed capabilities. Further, results suggest the emphasis depends strongly on the innovation type ? the combination of product/service and the level of radicalism. A distinction needs to be made between systemic and unidimensional projects; systemic projects require all partners to possess capabilities rather only the lead organization. The reason, results suggest that integrating diverse stakeholders in systemic SOIs is not just a matter of feeding additional information, but of enhancing the nature of the projects with multi-perspectives.
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EurOMA 2015 Conference University of Neuchâtel,
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Neuchâtel, Switzerland,
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Operations managenent for sustainable competitiveness
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  • Autor: Maria Mercedes Grijalvo Martin (UPM)
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