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The Reconstruction of Spain in the Post-War Period. The Direción General de Regiones Devastadas
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The aim of the conference is to map and analyse the rhetorical architecture of twentieth-century European totalitarian regimes. Essential issues are to define rhetorical architecture, to examineif certain architectural styles tend to be associated with totalitarian regimes and how ideological propaganda is promulgated through architecture. An important aspect is how rhetorical architecture left behind by totalitarian regimes may be integrated into present day democratic states, and its potential as modern cultural heritage. The conference is interdisciplinary and the participants represent several isciplines. The current attitude toward fascist architecture in Italy will be discussed in relation to European countries that have a similar history but have developed different approaches to their controversial architectural heritage. The aim is to illustrate the consequences of these different approaches and how they relate to history and national identity. How history is used, what processes shape national identity and how heritage is produced, are topics to be studied. Research on the topic of rhetorical architecture has different aims and ambitions in different countries, and the conference will provide an opportunity to discuss these diverging perspectives. An international network will be established to study the development of strategies for integrating modern rhetorical architecture within the national cultural heritage, and how such dissonant heritage may be presented.
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The international conference "Architecture as Propaganda in Twentieth-Century Totalitarian Regimes. History and Heritage"
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Swedish Institute in Rome
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"Architecture as Propaganda in Twentieth-Century Totalitarian Regimes. History and Heritage
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  • Autor: Manuel Blanco Lage (UPM)
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