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El conflicto de la sincronicidad urbana y Open Urban Television (OUT)
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Eighteen or sixty-five years old, fifty years contributions, three months maternity leave, three years degree, forty hours a week, eight hours a day, two hours data download, fifteen minutes away or five hours far from the city. Time, in this context, does not only appoint the dissected measure of seconds, minutes or years but provides the syntaxes where contemporary architecture and urbanism structure the specific spatio-temporalities of cities, buildings, inhabitants and their ways of living. Consequently, the increasing desynchronization of space and an ongoing synchronization of time are shaping a process that erodes the diversity of our lives and simultaneously expanding the differences between ones and the ?others?, who cannot share the market velocity. In the following article, the conflict of synchronicity will be visibilised within contemporary cities through its notions of heterogeneity ?chronopolitics-, power ?syncropolitics-, repetition ?rhythmpolitics- and speed ?acceleratiopolitics-, as an emerging field of action to be explored by architects, artists or designers. Also, the notion of ?asynchronous citizenship? will be explored referring it to all those strategies that claim for alternative forms of urban synchronization and fight, consciously or not, against actual temporal dynamics within cities.
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1st International Biennial on time
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University of Gothemburg
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  • Autor: Rodrigo Delso Gutierrez (UPM)
  • Autor: Atxu Amann Alcocer (UPM)
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