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Enhancing Collaborative Case Diagnoses through UMLS-Based Disambiguation: A Case Study of the Zika Virus

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Background: During the process of clinical cases diagnoses, especially in low-resourced areas, the use of vocabularies within UMLS can strengthen discussions between health professionals and, in some cases, eliminate its need, allowing faster treatment. The aim of this paper is to present the benefits of integrating UMLS into a clinical cases colaborative discussion tool and to verify its impact. Methods: The Sanar system has been improved using UMLS by extracting relevant medical concepts from the titles of the cases investigated by the user using text retrieval, and providing contextualized searches of articles related to them. An experiment was conducted, focused on team engagement capability and the advancement of the discussion on a Zika Virus case by a group of experts using the Sanar system, both with and without UMLS contextualization. Results: The use of the tool was measured and it was identified that the discussion in the group with UMLS support was more complete, based on information and focused on including more variables. Additionally, clinicians involved responded to an opinion questionnaire for evaluating the relevance of functionalities. The feedback from the questionnaire response was that most of the group supported UMLS as an important aspect for more complex diagnostics; the use of knowledge extraction before the discussion is relevant in order to align the knowledge of participants in the discussion of a case with more variables, such as the Zika Virus, and to minimize the need for interaction in widely discussed cases. Conclusions: Based upon the questionnaire filled in by clinical users, a conclusion may be drawn that the use of UMLS provides an acceleration in the diagnostic process which precedes the interaction with other health professionals through clinical case discussion tools. As future work, a mobile version supporting offline navigation for locations with limited internet access is being developed.
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