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Effects of Alternative Development in Colombia: an analysis of the Macarena Consolidation Plan from Working with People

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In spite of a number of national policies and programs against illicit crops, the issue still persists, along with all the socio-economic implications it carries with it. Four years after implementing the Comprehensive Consolidation Plan of La Macarena, the Information Systems and the Illicit Crop Monitoring of the United Nations recognized a significant effect on the dynamics of illicit crops in the region. There was a decrease of 77% of the surface planted with coca between 2007 and 2010. Although the situation has improved in terms of security and institutional control, the region has a big development gap compared with the rest of the country. This paper assesses the points of view regarding the economic, social and quality of life improvements amongst residents. The methodology applied is based on the ?Working With People (WWP)? model and incorporates the knowledge and experience gathered throughout the implementation of various projects in the region of La Macarena, Colombia. A number of surveys aimed at project beneficiaries and other stakeholders took place in productive areas of transition from illicit to legitimate crops. Based on the findings, efforts to reduce illicit crops should emphasize building trust in working with people, developing local infrastructure and market access in conjunction with investment in alternative development.
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New York: Peter Lang Publishing
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Economic Dynamics and Sustainable Development ? Resources, Factors, Structures and Policies
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