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Project-Based Learning in the Field of Biomedical Microdevices:The CDIO Approach

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In this chapter we present the complete development of a novel course on ?Biomedical Devices?, in the framework of the ?Biomedical Engineering? Degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (TU Madrid). The course is based on the ?CDIO: Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate? approach, as we consider it a very remarkable way of promoting student active learning and of integrating, with impact, novel concepts into ongoing curricula. During the course, groups of students live through the complete development process of different biomedical devices aimed at providing answers to relevant social needs. Computer-aided engineering and rapid prototyping technologies are used as support tools for their designs and prototypes, so as to rapidly reach the implementation and operation phases. Main benefits, lessons learned and challenges, linked to this CDIO-based course, are analyzed, considering the results from 2014?2015 academic year. Some of the most remarkable biodevices developed by students are linked to the field of biomedical microdevices for interacting at a cellular level, the central topic of present Handbook. The complete development of two bioreactors, which have led to Master?s Degree Theses, after additional tasks carried out in parallel to the course, is also schematized and presented as one of the most remarkable results of the teaching-learning strategy.
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Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
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Chapter Microsystems for Enhanced Control of Cell Behavior
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