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Rapid Prototyping of Biomedical Microsystems for Interacting at a Cellular Level

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The applications of microsystems in the biomedical field are indeed remarkable and continuously evolving thanks to recent extraordinary progresses in the area of micromanufacturing technologies, capable of manufacturing devices with details in the typical range of 1?500 ?m. As living organisms are made up with cells, whose overall dimensions typically range from 5 to 100 ?m, micro-manufactured devices (with details precisely in that range) are very well-suited to interacting at a cellular level for promoting innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. This chapter provides an overview of the more relevant micromanufacturing technologies with special application to the development of advanced micro-medical devices and to the manufacture of rapid prototypes, as several of these manufacturing technologies will be applied thoroughly along the Handbook for the development of different cases of study linked to microfluidic biodevices for disease modeling, to cell culture platforms for understanding cell behavior, to labs-on-chips and organs-on-chips and to tissue engineering scaffolds. The different technologies detailed in present chapter are also illustrated by means of application examples related to the aforementioned types of biomedical microdevices aimed at interacting at a cellular level. The possibility of combining technologies for the promotion of multi-scale and biomimetic approaches is also analyzed in detail and some current research challenges are also discussed.
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Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
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Microsystems for Enhanced Control of Cell Behavior
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