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A proposal for a new Biosystems Engineering degree at the Technical University of Madrid-UPM

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Biosystems Engineering is a field of Engineering which integrates engineering science and design with applied biological, environmental and agricultural sciences. Several thematic networks have worked towards defining the core curriculum and the competencies associated to this field of studies in the last years. The implementation of the Biosystems Engineering studies in Spain has faced some problems arisen from the existence of an official profession regulated by law in the field of Agricultural Engineering. This regulation forces a current degree cannot have any different name from the professional one if it claims the exclusivity in some professional tasks regulated by law for an existing profession. Because of this, Spanish universities do not presently offer bachelor degrees in Biosystems Engineering. The professionals with such degree would not have the possibility to work as Agricultural Engineers. Technical University of Madrid offers several bachelor degrees in the field of Agricultural Engineering that allow the graduates to work as mid-level Agricultural Engineers and one Master degree that allows the graduates to work as full professionals in the field of Agricultural Engineering. In addition, there is a second Master degree (University Master in Agro-Engineering, UMAE) related to the field, but not oriented to acquire professional rights. This paper focuses on the implementation process and the proposed structure of a University Master in Biosystems Engineering (UMBE) at the Technical University of Madrid, as an evolution of the existing UMAE, and trying to facilitate the access of the students to the professional level. This Master is intended to cover the main areas of activity of a Biosystems engineer in a modern way, providing them with high level competences and introducing them to research, company skills and advanced technologies. It is also open to foreign and professional students, facilitating distance learning and courses in English
International Conference of Agricultural Engineering CIGR-AgEng2016.
Aarhus (Dinamarca)
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Proceedings CIGR-AgEng2016

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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Edificación, Infraestructura y Proyectos en Ingeniería Rural y Medioambiental (EIPIRMA)
  • Departamento: Ingeniería Agroforestal