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Extra-long residential infrastructures. The outdated programme in the collective housing on the large-scale
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The term of Extra-Long Residential Infrastructures is assigned to the constructions of one block or a blocks settlement (preferably only one of them), whose façade perception is longer than 400 metres of length, its scale is urban and it wraps a territory1. In this way, XL is an appropriation of the fashion and textile world, using scales defined by Koolhaas and Mau2, and wants to reference to those extra-long objects instead of extra-large buildings. Therefore, these developments should have an extra-length, which is longer than the length of the standard buildings. In the same way, the Infrastructure concept is referred to a human construction designed and led by professionals from Architecture, Civil Engineering or Urban Planning, providing the support for the development of uses, in this particular case, mainly housing and secondary other complementary uses. Therefore, we could define these buildings as support artefacts. According to Fernandez3, these social condensers were developed in Soviet Union at 1927, in the competition for new residential proposals by the group?s journal Sovremmennaya Arkhitektura. The XL Residential Infrastructures would have to hold a complete residential programme, what includes housing, but also entrance streets or galleries, community areas, green spaces, and so on. This one is the same situation of the Infinity Loop or 8 House and little tower, whose author defined it as ?vertical suburbia? 4, using terms as ?big block? with an ?enormous green area?, ?emerging plaza?, ?stepped streets? and ?mountain paths?, resuming ?where the public life traditional is tied to taking place on the ground floor, flat as a pancake, with everything above privatized? and understanding ?the public life? as the relationship between the city and ?the privatized life? as the community life.
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AMPS _ Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices, Locally and Globally
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Proceedings AMPS _ Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices, Locally and Globally
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  • Autor: Salvora Feliz Ricoy (UPM)
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