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Kinetic Analysis of Weakly ionized Plasmas in presence of collecting and emissive walls Plumes: Propagator Integral Method Solutions
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Plasma-wall interaction is an unavoidable phenomenon in plasma science that is always under theoretical and experimental consideration. This interaction essentially involves charge emission and collection processes that may perturb the whole plasma inside a device [1]. A wide range of processes appears when a plasma interacts with a wall, such as the thermionic emission, discharges, that may govern the plasma dynamics and the confinement. Many fluid [2] and kinetic [3] models attempt to describe this scenario, accounting for various phenomena under different time and spatial scales. In this work, some kinetic models to describe the dynamics of Weakly Ionized Plasmas in front of a metallic flat wall are presented. In these plasmas elastic collisions between charges and neutrals play a relevant role to properly describe the dynamics of the system [4]. Kinetic descriptions provide an excellent tool to deal with the processes of disparate intensities, time scales and origin that appear in the plasma-wall system. Phenomena such as the self-consistent electric field and electric density currents, or the interaction between charges and neutrals, can be deeply analysed at kinetic scale to determine its relevance in the system dynamics. It is found that a proper description of this complex system is only possible with a self-consistent study that includes significant possible microscopic effects to elucidate and to understand macroscopic measurable effects. To solve the proposed models, the Propagator Integral Method [5] is employed. Since this method provides a physically meaningful time evolving solution, as a semi-analytical method, it allows to accounting for many phenomena of disparate time and spatial scales simultaneously, without affecting the method consistency.
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12th International Workshop on Electric Probes in Magnetized Plasmas IWEP2017
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Naklo, Slovenija, Eslovenia
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Book of Abstract / 12th International Workshop on Electric Probes in Magnetized Plasmas IWEP2017
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  • Autor: Jorge Gonzalez Muñoz (UPM)
  • Autor: Jose Manuel Donoso Vargas (UPM)
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