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The role of deception in the temporal calibration of constrained actions
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  • Educación física y deporte
Temporal calibration during the execution of constrained tasks refers to the ability to scale the timing of the action to the actual spatiotemporal demands, based on both perceptual information and current action capabilities. In this work we focus on the effect of deception on the reliability and availability of information to- be-perceived over the interpersonal interaction in constrained actions. Hiding and deceiving can hinder and disrupt the potential relationship the opponent would establish between kinematic movements and the final outcome of the action. Hence, at first glance, one might expect that players would perform better under non- deceptive behaviors of their opponents. However, recent research points towards a more elaborate explanation of success regarding temporal calibration and information. For instance, Navia, Dicks, van der Kamp and Ruiz (2017) did not find any effect of deception in success or timing among expert goalkeepers. However, participants showed an apparent disruption on temporal calibration under different time constraints when facing non-deceptive and deceptive penalties. Along these lines, other have argued for different calibration rates according to the availability of relevant information. For example, as biomechanical laws dictate, deceptive movements cannot be maintained indefinitely, so the temporal shift in optical information reliability regarding kinematic movements becomes crucial in relation to the timing of the response. This new approach for studying deception will be discussed in terms of its value for explaining outwardly unconventional behaviors as acting outside the safe temporal margins or disturbance in calibration under different time constraints.
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ISSP 14th World Congress
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Sport Psychology: Linking theory to practice
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  • Autor: Jose Antonio Navia Manzano (UPM)
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