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Over the last 30 months, as a part of the ambitious European FI PPP program, FI-WARE has started to materialize as a powerful foundation for the Future Internet. FI-WARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of services, at a scale not seen before. FI-WARE is now well underway to successfully achieve its goals of boosting the effectiveness of creating new services of high economic and societal value, reinforcing EU competiveness and bringing opportunities for high-growth entrepreneurs and SME players. Now, following an intensive period of research, development and experimentation, the FI-Core Consortium aims to complete the FI-PPP vision and support a truly open innovation ecosystem around FI-Lab, a working instance of FI-WARE that is distributed across multiple datacenters in Europe and is effectively operated using the suite of FI-Ops tools. In this project, the FI-Core consortium will deliver:Technology extensions, introducing new capabilities to the platform, with focus on those believed to carry substantial economic potential and future relevance. Examples include new GEs in the areas of Robotics, Open Data and Network Function Virtualization. Means for platform availability, including initiatives and processes for ensuring the effective adoption of FI-WARE GE's well beyond the initial FI-PPP community. These means include the launch of operational FI-Ware nodes across Europe with resources and tools to support them, as well as extensive FI-Ware education and training programs for Web entrepreneurs and SMEs. Processes and tools for platform sustainability, ensuring outreach and dissemination of current and on-going results from FI-Ware and Xifi projects and their take-up by the European and global ecosystems, based on the large involvement of SMEs which will use the platform to create new value networks. This way, FI-WARE, FI-Ops and FI-Lab will be a globally competitive foundation for Europe's economy.
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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
Comision Europea 7º PM
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Grupo de Investigación en Tecnología Informática y de las Comunicaciones: CETTICO