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MtMTP2-facilitated zinc transport into intracelular compartments is essential for nodule development in Medicago truncatula.
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  • Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud
Zinc (Zn) is a key element in the structure and catalytic activity of a large amount of proteins1, including many involved in Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation (SNF)2. Although much is known about Zn transport and delivery in plants3, few studies have focused on how this is achieved in legume nodules. There are three mayor protein families involved in the Zn transport in plants: ZIP, P1b-2ATPases and MTP transporters4. Characterization of the Zn Medicago truncatula transcriptome showed high expression level of MtMTP2 transporter in nodules. Yeast complementation tests indicated that MtMTP2 exports Zn out of the cytosol. To test where MtMTP2 transcription is located, ß-glucuronidase activity was determined in M. truncatula plants expressing the gus gene under the MtMTP2 promoter. GUS signal was detected in the differentiation, interzone and fixation zones of the nodule. Immunolocation studies indicate that MtMTP2 was located in an intracellular compartment in rhizobia-infected and non-infected nodule cells. Under symbiotic conditions, the mtp2-1 and mtp2-2 mutants exhibited reduced growth and nitrogenase activity compared to the wild type, but not when mineral nitrogen was provided in nutrient solution. Loss of MtMTP2 function resulted in altered nodule development, defects in bacteroid differentiation, and severe reduction of nitrogenase activity. The data presented here support a role of MtMTP2 in intracellular compartmentation of Zn, an important process for nodule development."
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Frontiers in Plant Biology ?III Workshop CBGP?
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Frontiers in Plant Biology ?III Workshop CBGP?
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  • Autor: Javier Leon Mediavilla (UPM)
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