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Practical theorization in the digital era
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The present article will try to analyze the role of theorization in the current architectural practice, questioning the validity of traditional theoretical compilations in the digital era. To illustrate this perspective, the authors will walk through the evolution of Rem Koolhaas in the last decades regarding his ?theoretical practices?. Rem Koolhaas has declared in several occasions, that there have not been real manifests on architecture after ?Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture? (R. Venturi, 1966). He claims that the architectural theory has been abandoned by practitioners. In his opinion, theory has been cloistered in Architecture Schools, whereas Architectural Offices tend to stack practice. This disengagement of practicing architects versus scholarship profiles might be one of the biggest challenges regarding the process of collecting and classifying the current architectural production. Given the changing and unforeseeable nature of this field, it is almost impossible and usefulness trying to a create a still-photograph (an anthology) of a certain moment that, in no event, give a complete picture. We might research a way to proceed under these circumstances, resorting to digital mapping tools that can be automatically and constantly updated. Regarding the segregation among theory and practice, Rem Koolhaas is an example of the retrieving of pragmatic theorizing. In his case theorization is a tool to develop the architectural practice. There were, of course, previous prominent examples, such as Le Corbusier, who had the ability to make an instrumental use of the media. He was so conscious of his legacy that he registered everything he did and brought them to his Foundation. (El Croquis nº 134-135, 2007). This ?intellectual management of communications? was also in the origin creating the "think tank" AMO (OMA?s nemesis), to wean their intellectual concerns from the need to build, turning to purely speculative and theoretical experimenting lines. This tool enables the coexistence and interaction of theory and practice, escaping from the fleetingness of globalization.
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Critic all III International Conference on Architecture , Design & Criticism
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Madrid, España
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Selected Papers Critic all III International Conference on Architecture , Design & Criticism Ed. Critic all PRESS + DPA
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