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Computer tools applied to the study of structural concrete
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  • Ingeniería civil y arquitectura
The teaching of technical subjects involves a wide range of aspects, which makes them conducive to innovate in terms of teaching methodology, so that you can bring the reality of the building to the classroom and the resolution of problems that may arise in the same. In the subject "Structural Concrete" of the Building Degree of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in addition to lectures by companies specialized in the construction sector, it has been tried to approach the student to a computer tool that can help him to decide in a moment given in the work, if a structural calculation is well done or not. On the other hand, the increasing training of students in new technologies, makes its use as a tool for learning very interesting, in addition to the implicit motivation that supposes them. Taking into account these premises, it has been carried out at the level of small groups, computer applications that allow calculating the assembly of simple reinforced concrete structures, which can be used in their mobile phones. The aim of this paper is to explain the work developed, its implementation and the assessment of students about their development and interest, by conducting a survey prepared for this purpose, where he has observed the interest that this type of experiences arouses in the student body
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II International Conference of Innovation and Education in Building. CINIE 2018
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  • Autor: Kenzo Jorge Hosokawa Menendez (UPM)
  • Autor: Maria Isabel Prieto Barrio (UPM)
  • Autor: Alfonso Cobo Escamilla (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Patología de estructuras, protecciones colectivas y medios auxiliares de edificación.
  • Departamento: Tecnología de la Edificación
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