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Nuclear Communication Campaign in Spain: Basic Nuclear Fusion Course

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Nuclear energy has created controversy since its conception during the 1950s. Arguments against it have been constant through the years until the current state on which the majority of western societies are against it as seen in recent surveys. Additionally, confidence in science and scientists is also relatively low. In Spain, these two facts are related with science alphabetization; an average person with lower science alphabetization tends to be more negative about science, and specifically, about nuclear energy science. In this aspect, as science affects major decisions in society, in democracy, it is important that the public is able to interpret scientific information. It is in this context that Jóvenes Nucleares appeared: an organization created by the Spanish Nuclear Society and formed by young people interested in nuclear energy. One of its main goals was the spreading of nuclear science into society. This was made through lectures at high schools, content creation, and enveloping communication campaigns. A skeptical approach has always been taken trying to separate from the lobby argumentation and promoting a strong critical thought. In this paper, as an example of communication campaign, the Basic Nuclear Fusion Course is presented. This campaign involved the creation of the informative content, gathering it into a book, the development of a lecture (consisting of nine topics related to nuclear fusion) to be delivered in universities or high schools, and a strong advertisement effort through social media and presentations in congresses. This campaign has been possible thanks to voluntary work; the main cost of the campaign was the book printing. The early results predict a great support to this new format included into the Jóvenes Nucleares divulgation activities as perceived in the attendance and feedback provided by the audience. With these activities, Jóvenes Nucleares aspires to put another grain of sand toward narrowing the gap between science and society
Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science
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