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MIRACLE at GeoCLEF Query Parsing 2007: Extraction and Classification os Geographical Information
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This paper describes the participation of MIRACLE research consortium at the Query Parsing task of GeoCLEF 2007. Our system is composed of three main modules. First, the Named Geo-entity Identifier, whose objective is to perform the geo-entity identification and tagging, i.e., to extract the ¿where¿ component of the geographical query, should there be any. This module is based on a gazetteer built up from the Geonames geographical database and carries out a sequential process in three steps that consist on geo-entity recognition, geo-entity selection and query tagging. Then, the Query Analyzer parses this tagged query to identify the ¿what¿ and ¿geo-relation¿ components by means of a rule-based grammar. Finally, a two-level multiclassifier first decides whether the query is indeed a geographical query and, should it be positive, then determines the query type according to the type of information that the user is supposed to be looking for: map, yellow page or information. According to a strict evaluation criterion where a match should have all fields correct, our system reaches a precision value of 42.8% and a recall of 56.6% and our submission is ranked 1st out of 6 participants in the task. A detailed evaluation of the confusion matrixes reveal that some extra effort must be invested in ¿user-oriented¿ disambiguation techniques to improve the first level binary classifier for detecting geographical queries, as it is a key component to eliminate many false-positives.
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Working notes for the CLEF 2007 Workshop
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  • Participante: J.M. Goñi-Menoyo
  • Autor: Sara Lana Serrano (UPM)
  • Participante: J. Villena-Román
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