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Gastronomy as a way to improve perception of losing weight diets: impact of food choice drivers in the study of wellbeing in real context

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Diets are perceived as hard, unsatisfactory and not stimulating at all (1). Gastronomy could play an important role on the improvement of its sensory perception. This work aimed to study the effect of a gastronomic improvement in diet menus perception, and to find out the relationships between factors driving food choice and the wellbeing response of consumers. Two menus were designed and prepared with the same ingredients (chicken, carrots, broccoli, potatoes and pineapple) and calories (625,7 kcal). One of them was a typical diet menu and the other one was a gastronomic improved menu. Both menus were elaborated and served to 71 women at the Basque Culinary Center?s restaurant. Participants were classified according to the Food Choice Questionnaire method into four groups. Degree of liking and wellbeing (2) of each menu were measured. Significant differences were found between menus in the hedonic response and in the wellbeing questionnaire. Specifically, the emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the questionnaire were the most affected by the gastronomic improvement, as compared to the physical and intellectual dimensions. The gastronomic menu was more liked and was related to higher ratings on wellbeing items. Quite surprisingly the gastronomic elaboration received higher ratings of satiety sensation but was perceived as less helpful on weight control. Wellbeing items most affected by food choice behaviour mainly concerned the intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Group 2, mainly characterized by the importance given to health awareness and sensory appeal of food, gave significantly higher ratings to the mentioned dimensions. Our results support the idea that the inclusion of wellbeing questionnaires in consumer research could provide a more complete description of consumer experience while eating food in real context. The relative importance given to the factors driving food choice of consumers could help to a better understanding of consumer behaviour. References: (1) Van Horn L. A diet by any other name is still about energy. JAMA 2014;312(9):900-901. (2) Ares G, Giménez A, Vidal L, Zhou Y, Krystallis A, Tsalis G, et al. Do we all perceive food-related wellbeing in the same way? Results from an exploratory cross-cultural study. Food Quality and Preference 2016;52,:62-73.
Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research
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  • Autor: Maria Mora Gijon UPM
  • Autor: Gabriel López-Font Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Autor: Elena Urdaneta Euskampus Fundazioa
  • Autor: Carolina Chaya Romero UPM

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