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Time-Intensity profiling of wine models: analysis of variation among products and among panellists.
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  • Estadística,
  • Tecnología de alimentos,
  • Vino,
  • Consumidor
Time-Intensity Profiling (TIP) has been extensively used as a dynamic profiling technique. Little research has applied TIP on wine models and to the authors knowledge no previous work included panellists as a potential source of variation. Therefore, the aim of this study was: 1) to understand the effect of ethanol and phenolic compounds (procyanidins) on wine aroma persistence and 2) to study the inter-panellists variation on the TIP curves. To do so, the same dealcoholized rosé wine was spiked with ethanol and a grape seed extract (GSE) to have four wines (a control wine without ethanol or GSE, a wine with GSE but without ethanol, and two wines with ethanol (10% v/v) with and without GSE). All the wines were spiked with a mixture of aroma compounds: isoamyl acetate, ethyl hexanoate, ethyl butyrate and ethyl decanoate. 10 individuals varying on their oral phisyological parameters were used as panel members. The panel applied TIP to characterise the wine models, in terms of the aroma attributes related to the aroma compounds mixture. TIP of wine models for the attributes "banana", "pineapple", "candy" and "dried fruit" were obtained. The results show a large variation on the TIP curves among panellists and among wine models. A comparison of different methods to analyse the wines and panellists variation is performed. Acknowledgement: The financial support of MINECO (Project AGL2016-78936R) for the research project and of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid to cover Dr. Chaya travelling expenses are acknowledged.
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Sensometrics 2018 ? Going further (14th Meeting of the Sensometric Society).
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Montevideo, Uruguay
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  • Autor: Carolina Chaya Romero (UPM)
  • Autor: Celia Criado (CSIC-CIAL)
  • Autor: María Pérez Jiménez (CSIC-CIAL)
  • Autor: Joshelin Bazán (UPM)
  • Autor: Gabriel López-Font (UPM)
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