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Cquisition of specific and transversal competences through the flipped classroom

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  • Civil engineering and architecture

This project, on acquisition of the transversal competence of writing Technical Reports, has been applied to students of master and degree of the Superior Technical School of Building. They have studied the subjects selected for the realization of the project. Three subjects have been considered: Prevention and Safety I of 4th year of Degree in Building + ADE, Structural Concrete of 4th year of Degree in Building and Reinforced Concrete Structures and Steel of the University Master in Execution of Rehabilitation and Restoration Works. 204 students have participated in the project. The selection of this competence for writing Technical Reports has been made for two reasons. The first, to eliminate the effect that causes the inequality detected among the different students when it comes to retaining and learning what is explained in class through the "master lesson" teaching technique. In this system some students lose interest and get bored because the pace of the class is slow or too fast and they do not understand the complicated concepts. Substituting this methodology for the flipped classroom, which focuses on the student and transfers part or most of the direct instruction out of the classroom, the time in the class is used more productively and the interactions between the teacher and the students are maximized. The second reason is that in the professional activity it is very common to carry out Technical Reports and the graduates must be able to capture the results of their actions in this format. The teaching model of the flipped classroom has been used as a teaching strategy, so that the necessary theoretical lessons have been transferred out of the classroom, in order to later use that acquired knowledge and translate them into the development of the proposed practices, presenting them following the Technical Report model. All students have been provided with an initial video on the preparation of reports. The results obtained show that the technique used has been effective. Comparing it with other previous courses where this methodology has not been used, it is obtained that the average grade of the practices elaborated by the students has increased by 2.20 points out of ten.
Congreso Internacional de Innovación Educativa en Edificación. CINIE 2019
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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International Conference of Educatiional Innovation in Building

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  • Creador: Departamento: Tecnología de la Edificación
  • Departamento: Construcciones Arquitectónicas y su Control