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The survey plan of Madrid conducted by Carlos María de Castro

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  • Urban patrimony,
  • Cartography,
  • Urban history

When Carlos María de Castro was commissioned in 1857 to design the city expansion of Madrid, the survey of the surroundings out of the city walls and its graphic representation, were an essential instrument for knowledge of the physical support. Until its recent identification in a document of the Archivo de Villa, the survey plan drawn up under the direction of Castro was only indirectly known by references in written documents. Direct analysis of the original document has allowed for confirming some hypotheses outlined in previous researches. Also has allowed for knowing unprecedented aspects, like the traces of the drawing construction or like the contour lines of the topographic survey of the city expansion lands. This plan was the physical support on which Castro drew the first proposals of the preliminary draft and constitutes a new graphic testimony of Madrid urban form prior to the great transformations of the nineteenth century. Finally, the survey plan of 1857 left its imprint on the cartography of the city expansion in its early years, when it became a planimetric base for most of the partial projects drawn and for the reproductions by all known.
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Graphic Imprints. The influence of Representation and Ideation Tools in Architecture
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