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Decoupled Basis Function Subspaces for Dealing Low-frequency Discretization in the Combined Field Integral Equation

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Higher-order basis functions capable to cope with curved geometries have been presented along last years in literature. We proposed at [1] div-conforming basis functions for the Electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE) which incorporate the uncoupling between both electric and magnetic fields or its associated current densities within the low-frequency regime. This goal is achieved by using a decomposition onto two subspaces of solenoidal and no solenoidal basis functions for curved geometries and any order of the functions. The former allowed to scale the equation system of the discretized problem in order to cope with the low-frequency breakdown issue, as is known [2]. The novelty of that approach was the capacity to handle any order of the functions into each subspace. Later, the method was extended to the Magnetic Field Integral Equation (MFIE) at [3]. The MFIE offers lower accuracy than EFIE especially when the objects contain sharp edges. By using the aforementioned approach, we can increase the order of the bases functions although this improvement may not be sufficient at very low frequencies, especially when the structure has sharp edges, and it would be desirable a procedure to scale the coefficients of the no solenoidal component of current density (Star component) avoiding the inaccuracy in the computation of the charge at very low frequencies. The Combined Field Integral Equation (CFIE) is preferred to EFIE and MFIE because presents a better conditioning than its components. This is useful for multiscale or electrically big problems where iterative methods are applied, as the fast multipole methods, and it avoids the apparition of spurious internal resonances. In this work, we applied some of the developed bases to the CFIE and we study the scaling in combination with the use of higher-order functions to improve the condition
13th Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics.
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13th Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics.

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