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IGCC sulfur compounds abatement with earth alkaline sorbents

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In Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) process, in the reference plant built in Puertollano, Spain by Elcogas, a consortium formed by several utilities and engineering companies with a technology that is is one of the most promising electricity generation options, both from the environmental and the efficiency point of view and that allows an efficient and environmentally-friendly use of national coal, and also a refinery residue, petroleum coke, the high sulphur contents in coal and specially in petcoke, their presence in the feedstock, led to significant contents of gaseous sulphur compounds whose advanced removal has been the aim of this project. Different sorbents to reduce the presence of H2S have been researched and between them the earth-alkaline compounds, dolomite and calcite that react with H2S to give calcium sulphide have been chosen due to their properties and low cost, The calcium sulphide is a reactive product because it reacts with water to regenerate the H2S but it can be converted in calcium sulphate, inert product with diverse uses. This conversion to sulphate present some problems of possible lack of total conversion and different conditions to improve this conversion have been investigated. The tests have been carried out with dolomite and calcite and firstly the sulphuration of the same have been produced using a mixture of gases that simulates the IGCC gas and after their oxidation has been studied. The influence of the conditions of sulfurization and oxidation on the final conversion of calcium sulphide to sulphate as the presence of H2O vapour, the variation in the composition of the gases, the temperature and the bed length have been evaluated. The solid products obtained have been characterized by Xray diffraction and scanning electronic microscopy and chemical analysis to assess the evolution and progress of the reactions.
2007 International Conference on Coal Science and Technology
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