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Cardiac and Ventilatory Recovery and Their Lactatemy Relation, After a maximal Ergometry Test in Healthy Subjects

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Purpose. Some investigations have revised the relationship between the recovery post-effort and the risk of coronary artery disease, however, few works have compared the different aspects of the recovery in their more decisive slopes, such as the acid-base state, the lactate concentration, the ventilatory and cardiac recovery regain, this is the purpose of the present work. Method. Thirty two young and healthy subjetcs, carried out a maximal ergometric test in cIycle. They registered the variables from the warm up until the finalization of the test, and during the 20 minutes post-exercise. An analysis of the varíance (ANOV A) of repeated measures was used with tOW intrasubjects factors, to ShoW the differences beetwen the factors. An linear regression analysis step by step was used to show the relationships of the variables with the performance. Result. After five minutes ofrecovery, the ventilation was to 85,1% ofits maximum reserve, while the heart had recuperated 65,7% of the cardiac reserve and the lactate concentration arrived to values of 15,4% regarding the basal ones. In the minute twenty, the ventilation (97,8%) had reached near values those of rest, the heart rate and the lactate 73,3%, 57,6% respectively, far from the basal situation. Conclusion. The study of the rates of recovery post-effort, so much at ventilatory , cardiac level or metabolic, it could be good to know the physiologic human Iimits and to use them in those patients with cardio-respiratory problems, as a bookmark of cardiac possible risk, besides being able to check the evolution of the patients during a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs.
International symposium of Exercise and Health in Special Populations
Huesca (España)
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Simposio Internacional de Ejercicio Físico y Salud en Poblaciones Especiales

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