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Scientific and Technological Issues on the Application of High Intensity Lasers to Material Properties Modification: The case of Laser Shock Processing of Metallic Alloys

Research Areas
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Construction materials

Laser Shock Processing (LSP) has been practically demonstrated as a technique allowing the effective induction of residual stresses fields in metallic materials allowing a high degree of surface material protection. Experimental results obtained with commercial Q-switched lasers prove complete feasibility at laboratory scale �� Depending on initial material mechanical properties, the remaining residual stresses fields can reach depths and maximum values providing an effectively enhanced behaviour of materials against fatigue crack propagation, abrasive wear, chemical corrosion and other failure conditions. This makes the technique specially suitable and competitive with presently use techniques for the treatment of heavy duty components in the aeronautical, nuclear and automotive industries. �� However, according to the inherent difficulty for prediction of the shock waves generation (plasma) and evolution in treated materials, the practical implementation of LSP processes needs an effective predictive assessment capability �� A physically comprehensive calculational tool (SHOCKLAS) has been developed able to sistematically study LSP processes
"International Conference ""Extreme Light Infraestructure""National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics. Bucarest (Rumania)"
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"Bucarest (Rumania)Septiembre 16-18, 2008"

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