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Taking into account food and nutrition security in the measurement and assessment of human development

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Human Development Index (HDI) has become a very useful tool for measuring development and making inter-country comparisons. The observation of its trajectory and evolution by country arouses the curiosity of students of development and invites them to question the underlying causes of the behaviour of the index. In order to provide answers to such questions the Human Development Report complements the HDI by offering varied, valuable and relevant statistical information related with every dimensions of human development. From its very beginning, experts have debated about the strengths and weaknesses of the report and have acknowledged a need to include new indicators in the measurement of human development. It is in this context that Mahbub ul Haq, the creator of the Human Development Reports said: ¿Here we have a broad framework; if you want something to be included in this list, which may deserve a table in the Human Development Report tell us what, and explain why it must figure in this accounting. We will listen¿. As a response to this demand, this paper proposes the inclusion of food security in the measurement of human development, as well-being can only be achieved when there is not food insecurity.
ISBN-13: 978-84-613-3557-2
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  • Autor: Ana Afonso Gallegos UPM
  • Autor: Jose Ignacio Trueba Jainaga UPM

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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Planificación y Gestión sostenible del desarrollo rural/local
  • Departamento: Proyectos y Planificación Rural