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Laboratory Work Management Environment for Distance Education in Computer Engineering

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Laboratory work is a fundamental component in teaching most of the Computer Engineering subjects. Laboratory work is usually covered by establishing assignments that students have to complete in the laboratory, but that approach is not compatible with a distance education environment. High quality laboratory work in distance education should allow teachers to manage student information and assignments and to assess them without the students¿ physical presence. At the same time, it should allow students to make successive improvements towards the final solution for every assignment. Many solutions can be proposed with the idea of automatically evaluating the students¿ implementation of small exercises. However, this approach is not fully satisfactory because even if small exercises may cover every aspect students have to learn, it does not provide the means to relate different concepts with each other. The proposed alternative is to provide students with a small project specification in which many related concepts are involved, and which brings students closer to real-world programming experiences. In order to achieve these objectives the authors have developed an environment that students use in the first place to submit assignments. Then, the environment executes a test suite for all the submitted assignments which is also used to assess the student solutions. A plagiarism detection helper, devoted to assisting in the detection of plagiarism, has also been developed. This chapter describes the environment and provides the experience of teachers while using it in several topics, ranging from system programming in C to microprogramming, and including assembly language and Input/Output programming.
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Distance Education Issues and Challenges
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