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Peculiarities of Black & White Welded Joints of Thin Sheets

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  • Mechanical engineering

The paper presents the main results of investigations addressing welding of Black and White Joints (BWJ) of low carbon steel (CS) and stainless steel (SS) thin sheets, which are of increasing interest for industry due to costs saving and satisfactory service performance. First, thermal field modeling was approached by considering Goldak¿s double ellipsoidal heat source, together with a contribution of the authors related to the shape coefficients. In case of thin sheets, the source influence in the thickness direction was neglected, and a 2D FEM-based model for predicting the heat flow in case of arc welding of CS and SS thin sheets was developed. In parallel, a second experimental investigating direction has addressed the technological development of BWJ arc welding, and laser hybrid welding, respectively. Third, various investigating methods were used on the achieved BWJ. Detailed macro and microstructural examination, hardness and tensile tests were also performed for in deep understanding the processing temperature influence. The investigations are ongoing for laser hybrid welding by developing a 3D FEM model, on one hand, and defining parametrical operational windows, on the other; further reports are expected.
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Published by WEAS Press. Eds. Lepadatescu D., Mastorakis
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Proceedings of the WSEAS 1 st International Conference Advances in Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Production Systems Vol. I
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ingeniería y Aplicaciones del Láser
  • Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Centro Laser
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