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The Spanish and Portuguese cooperation over their transboundary basins
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Spain and Portugal share three important Iberian rivers: from North to South, the Miño-Limia, Douro, Tagus and Guadiana. They all discharge into the Atlantic Ocean. The catchment areas of these basins total 44.8% of the Iberian Peninsula and represent about 46% of the annual surface discharge. These shared rivers account for 740 km of the 1214 km border between the two countries. Very few countries in the world have four shared rivers with four different configurations (see Figure 1), occupying so much of their territory. The history of Spanish-Portuguese cooperation is landmarked by periods of progress intertwined with moments of standstill and serious strife. Historical distrust between Spain and Portugal dates back to the 16th century, when the Kingdom of Spain annexed the Kingdom of Portugal in 1580 as a result of the dynastic claim of the Spanish King Philip II, who became King Philip I of Portugal. He was succeeded by Philip III who lost Portugal to the Duke of Braganza, who became King John IV of Portugal, after the 1640 uprising. The colonies in America were also a source of conflict, especially during the 16th and 17th centuries. Despite centuries of rivalry, Spain and Portugal have not engaged in military combats, and the Iberian border has not moved significantly since 1640 . Spain and Portugal very recently began to enter into the type of integration that other bordering EU states (The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium, being the most telling example) have undergone since the European Economic Community was founded with the Treaty of Rome in 1953. This chapter reviews the history of Portuguese-Spanish cooperation and the sharing of their transboundary rivers, and analyzes what impact the succession of treaties signed by both countries has had on Spanish water policy.
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Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. London, UK
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Water Policy in Spain
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