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  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Programming language

The successful construction of software-based products requires employing the most appropriate technologies available. However, there are two problems that prevent software companies to do so: (1) the lack of evidence about the usefulness of software technologies and (2) when that evidence is available, the complexities of translating the research results into information which can be effectively used by practitioners. The research group in Spain has been working in problem (1) in the past years, while the German group concentrated in problem (2). In this project, we propose to merge both research lines. The final result of this project will be a method which will provide empirically-based evidence to practitioners using meta-analytical techniques. However, to avoid the complexities of statistics and the lack of focus of the academic research, those evidences will be reported in the format and language of practitioners, and according to their expectations and needs. In this project, we pursue to improve the software construction by means of applying the most appropriate technologies to development projects. Those technologies will be identified using innovative aggregation techniques, the knowledge of software managers' information needs, and the provision of the information through a commonly accessible Web-portal. Thus, software managers will benefit from this work in the context of systematic technology selection, for instance, within the CMMI (staged) process area Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) and here especially practice SP1.3-1: Identify Alternative Solutions. In addition, there is an indirect contribution through the improved way of reporting empirical studies, thus software managers can more easily find relevant information.
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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ingeniería del Software
  • Departamento: Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos e Ingeniería de Software