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Usefulness states in new P system communication architectures
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Dealing with distributed implementations of P systems, the bottleneck communication problem has arisen. When the number of membranes grows up, the network get congested. In agreement with this, several published works have presented an analysis for di erent architectures, which implement P systems in a distributed cluster of processors, allocating several membranes in the same processor. The purpose of these architectures is to reach a compromise between the massively parallel character of the system and the needed evolution step time to transit from one con guration of the system to the next one, solving the bottleneck communication problem. The work presented here carries out an analysis of semantics of the P systems, in several distributed architectures. It will be solved how to restructure P systems when dissolutions or inhibitions take place in membranes. Moreover, it will be also determined the extra information necessary at every communication step in order to allow all objects to arrive at their targets without penalizing the communication cost. This analysis will be performed on the base of usefulness states, which were presented in a previous work. Usefulness states allow each membrane of the system to know the set of membranes with which communication is possible at any time.
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Springer Verlag
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Membrane Computing - 9th International Workshop, WMC 2008
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  • Autor: Juan Alberto de Frutos Velasco (UPM)
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