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Fish welfare COST 867

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The welfare of farmed fish is a subject of increasing concern within Europe, and this underpins the current proposal for a COST action to support research into and improvement of welfare in farmed fish. A main focus of the proposed action is the provision of a secure foundation for the development of operational welfare indicators (OWI), in order to monitor and safeguard the welfare of farmed fish. Such development can only be achieved when good welfare, and its absence, can be identified and measured, which in turn requires a better scientific understanding of the fundamental physiological and behavioural capacities of fish. Although we know much less about the welfare of fishes than about that of commonly farmed groups, such as birds and mammals, there is an accumulating body of research on this topic, developed by experts in the EU and elsewhere. To make effective use of this scattered information there is a pressing need for a focused, objective synthesis of the relevant data, carried out not just by researchers, but also by fish farmers and other stakeholders. The other principal aim of the proposed action is therefore to bring these different stakeholder groups together to provide such a synthesis. Building upon this synthesis, the project members will agree techniques and protocols for the early prediction of deteriorating welfare in farmed fish and for the active promotion of good welfare in European aquaculture systems. In contrast to earlier studies, which have largely concentrated on more northerly salmonid culture, this action will extend the focus on fish welfare to other key cultured European species such as carp, sea bream and sea bass. The project will add value to current European funding by employing existing data available through the participants and by utilising links between commercial organisations and research institutes at a national and international level. This action will also maximise the benefits that can accrue from a comparison between fish, whose welfare is relatively poorly understood and terrestrial species for which considerable welfare expertise already exists. This COST action will also benefit from the integration of information and expertise across the widely varying production systems and geographic regions of the EU. This project will inform the debate on what is acceptable welfare for farmed fish and will produce tools for assessing and protecting fish welfare consistent with a sustainable European aquaculture industry.
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