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Soil moisture spatio-temporal behaviour of Pinus pinaster stands on sandy flatlands of central Spain
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  • Ecología
Pinus pinaster stands in the center of the Iberian Peninsula show an ecological singularity, grow on a special hydrologic system: highly permeable soils due to their geological substratum (wind sands), and groundwater table near the soil surface showing short-term oscillations. Over the last few decades, this special superficial aquifer has been overused as a water resource, especially for irrigated crops, leading to a critical level of overexploitation that has caused a water sustainability crisis (rainfall variability does not allow for a sufficient level of aquifer recharge by natural means) and different environmental impacts. This current scenery of change make soil moisture one of the most determining factors of the spatio-temporal changes in ecological response, highlighting the need to go deeper into the knowledge and characterization of complex soil-tree water relationship. In this context, the main aim of the present work has been the evaluation of the influence of root zone soil moisture on the observed spatial response of Pinus pinaster stands. Volumetric soil moisture contents were measured in 11 forest sites, along a two years period, using time domain reflectometry (TDR). The results show that the dune morphology associated to the territory is the main driving factor, introducing very different water availability conditions between the monitored hydrological response units, which modulate maritime pine installation and development. The areas of topographic depression are the places more heterogeneous, with different soil moisture behaviours. In these areas, the hardwood forests (reforestation) that grow with the radical system connected to the water table can be the most sensitive to climate change. Consequently, in these pine ecosystems, the role of land form in variations of root zone soil moisture becomes essential and must be considered to develop adequate adaptive management models.
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IUFRO Joint Internacional Meeting: Global Change and Mediterranean Pines: Alternatives for Management
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Abstracts of the IUFRO Joint Internacional Meeting: Global Change and Mediterranean Pines: Alternatives for Management
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  • Autor: Valentin Gomez Sanz (UPM)
  • Autor: Juan Ignacio Garcia Viñas (UPM)
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