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Evaluation of Substrata in Rose Production under Greenhouse Conditions in Oaxaca, Mexico
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  • Agricultura
In the search for adequate substrata, economically and environmentally sustainable for modern agriculture, it is possible to find an excellent alternative that takes advantage of the human activity that generates a large quantity of organic waste in relation to agriculture, forests and cattle. In this investigation, composted pine bark was employed as the principal component in the production of three different mixtures with different proportions of peat, vermiculite and perlite. (Mixture one: 70% peat, 25% bark and 5% perlite; mixture two: 70% pine bark, 20% peat, 5% vermiculite and 5% perlite; Mixture three: 80% pine bark and 20% commercial peat (this contained 70 to 80% peat, vermiculite, limestone, agricultural gypsum and moisturizing agent.) The local substratum named ¿tezontle¿ (volcanic rock) was also used. The substrata of a crop of the Royal Bacara genotype rose were evaluated from an agronomical perspective and seed beds were used at a distance of 15 cm between plants, with fertirrigation and the corresponding agronomical mode of operation. The physical and chemical properties of the mixtures before and during the cultivation were determined. The best results in relation to the height and thickness of the stem, the number of branches and floral stems, were observed in the mixture that contained the largest proportion of peat and failed to show significant differences when compared with the remaining two mixtures that also contained peat, but to lesser proportions, if variance in the mixtures of bark and tezontle were present. The results suggest that peat may be partially substituted in mixtures.
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Congreso Internacional de Ciencias Hortícolas. IHC Lisboa 2010
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Lisboa, Portugal
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  • Autor: Alberto Masaguer Rodriguez (UPM)
  • Autor: B. Zárate
  • Autor: A. Poblano
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